After making the decision not to attend grad school (against my parents wishes I'm sure), my mind was wracking trying to figure out what my career would be. I have always loved beauty and makeup, even though I really didn't wear any until about college I have always loved getting made up and taking pictures. More than anything I love to create things. Whether that was drawing, painting or playing the piano; I have always had a creative side that I could not shake.

After my first job as a makeup artist for a colleagues wedding I knew I had found my passion. To create a look for someone that makes them look and feel their best was so gratifying to me. Not only is this my passion, I also love working with people because no job is ever identical.

Originally born and raised in Key West, I found myself in Orlando after spending ten years in Tampa. I am happy to call this my home now and look forward to building my business and family here. When I am not working my day job as a medical assistant at reflections dermatology, you can find me in a handstand at yoga, or at one of Orlando's amazing restaurants enjoying some red wine and probably a kale salad or salmon. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 305.587.8812 or email at I look forward to meeting you and thank you for visiting my website!

                                                                                                              Love and Lipstick,